Unleash your imagination

An automated role-playing game assistant for everyone




Bring characters, NPCs, Monsters and locations to life



Record, transcribe, and summarize your game sessions



Organize how everything in your campaign fits together



Answer questions without interupting the flow of the game


Bring your world to life.

Visualize and describe every element of your epic tale with a custom and visually cohesive style that is unique to you and your campaign.  


The Creation Forge feature in Tall Tavern offers a unique way to visualize characters. It's not just about creating images; it's about bringing depth to your story. This tool aids in visualizing and describing ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day.

For players, this means characters that are not just stats, but visually and narratively rich, making each game session more engaging and personalized.

For Game Masters this means you can now create hundreds of NPCs and monsters, and never again be limited only to official, and therefor predictable, content.

Revolutionize the way you design locations. It’s more than just sketching maps; it’s about breathing life into every setting. This tool helps bring forth environments that might otherwise remain in the realm of imagination.

Whether you're creating a bustling city, ruins from an ancient civilization, or a stunning natural environment, each location is rendered with visual and textual richness, infusing every corner of your world with depth and character.

For game masters, this means an endless horizon of bespoke locales to build your world or adapt on the fly when your players inevitably go off the rails. Every scene becomes a backdrop for unforgettable adventures, transforming ordinary encounters into immersive experiences.

Elevate your custom items, merging your imagination with tangible visualization. This isn't just about generating objects; it's about infusing each item with its own lore and essence. The tool empowers you to conceive and depict items that might have remained just fleeting thoughts. From enchanted swords with ancient runes to mysterious relics with hidden powers, every item gains a visual identity and a backstory.

For game masters and players alike, this means a treasure trove of unique, personalized gear, transforming standard equipment into key elements of the narrative that might even tie in to a player character's backstory, the party's favorite NPC, or even be something crafted from the remains of a custom monster. Each item crafted becomes integrated into your campaign, adding layers of intrigue and wonder to every adventure.

Effortless note taking and summarization

Tall Tavern takes notes so you don't have to. Just click record and Tall Tavern will record, transcribe, and then summarize the day's adventure. All your session summaries will be organized in your campaign folder, and will begin to form your very own campaign wiki.



Check any game rule on the fly

Tall Tavern acts like the best Game Master's assistant you can imagine. You can ask it rules questions (typed or spoken!), or ask it about any past event in your campaign, and get a written or spoken response back.